That moment when your father hides behind your boyfriend and your boyfriend hides behind you while watching a horror movie(^v^)

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Of course I’ll win! After all, you’re coming to see me!

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he must have taken his role very seriously there is no other way

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zekrom | 2010 vs 2014 | more pkmn

kumo household

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I’m not asking you as a Fuma ninja. I want to ask you as my friend. Please save Soramaru, Shirasu!

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–––– ❝ Soramaru, you said not to leave you behind… But as you get stronger each day, the day will come when you don’t need me anymore. You’ll let go of this hand, grow bigger, and go far away… The one who’ll be left behind… is me.❞

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Even if you fail in a way that blows away the self-confidence and conceit you’ve piled up, even if you feel so miserable that you don’t think you can stand up again, tomorrow you’ll definitely have to open your restaurant! That’s what it’s like to be a chef. Doesn’t the same go for you?

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Everybody loves somebody.

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Sharilton, huh? It’s been ages.

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